ACE FLORA has been founded and established since 2016 at Johor Bahru. Since then , the company has been growing everyday. We committed to provide high quality product and service for our entire customer. 

We focus on personalized service, insisting that every inspiration and design is unique. 

We are a group of passionate florists and it is our dream to create floral designs that are unique, intrinsic, and elegant. Our lovingly creative crafted arrangement will let the beauty of the flowers put a soul into. We hope to bring the simplest of joys to your life and inspire your special and meaningful 

moment through working with flowers .

We have faith in the power of flowers. As a floral designer , it is our mission to give flowers and plants a second life. Let our professionally trained Floral Consultants help capture the sincerity of your hearts and display the honesty of your gesture through flowers.